Mama Bear Friends- Support and Encouragement

mama bear friends

Supporting my fellow mama bears!

This post is all about supporting my fellow mama bear friends! We are in this mama bear thing together! I’ve been reading a book called Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are so You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be. Rachel Hollis explains that the number one thing women say they want is more deep, authentic friendships. I know it’s what I want. It transforms my entire week when I get together with a good friend and have a deep, soul connecting conversation. Some of my most recent conversations with other women have inspired me to take action and speak up about injustice that was going on in my life. We can do this! We don’t have to do it alone.

I hope that we can love and help each other along the way instead of competing and comparing oursleves. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of judgement when what we really all need is grace and love. We all have something unique to offer the world and each other. There is something that shifts when we have babies and start to realize how much we need other women. Check out my friend’s post at Mother Me Crazy who talks about these mindset changes after pregnancy.

Words of inspiration

Other moms encourage us, give helpful tips, and even more importantly just know how it feels when things are hard. When it feels like I’m about to lose my sanity, my mom friends let me know that they’ve been there too and sometimes that’s all it takes to keep going. The support that I’ve geen given over the past couple of weeks on my book and this blog has been overwhelming! I’m moved to tears that not so long ago I felt like I was alone and now I feel lifted up by a community of women!

Part of this is due to the awesome neighborhood we moved into six months ago. I have an awe-inspiring neighbor with three boys who is an absolute god-send. She’s an advocate for women and I’m truly so blessed to have a strong and courageous friend right next door. Check out her page Clay Becomes You. She creates custom cake toppers, art work, and just about anything creative that you can image!

Clay Becomes You
Clay Becomes You custom canvas

I’ve heard lots of people talk about their “mom tribe”. I’m still growing my mom tribe through my blog and in my community. If you’re a mom who needs support and inspiration, you’re in the right place! Let me know a little about yourself and we can support one another!

How I became a Mama Bear

mama bear
mama bear

When Rachel was only a few months old we lived in a house on a back road and didn’t know our neighbors. My family and my husband’s family live hours away. Even though we were part of a church community it was not a supportive place so when things were hard, they were really hard because we had so little support. I became a Mama Bear in that time!

Our power went out during a snow storm for several days. I sat holding her all bundled up in front of a propane heater. I realized we didn’t have anyone to help us during that time. My husband was able to make it to work and I bundled her up and went to the store to get more propane.

I went into full Mama Bear mode when the first two stores were sold out of propane. I was prepared to pry the last countainer of propane out of someone else’s fingers if I had to. Thankfully, I just had to drive 15 minutes to another store who had more in stock! It’s amazing what we are willing to do for our children and how that love for them propels our lives.

Words of encouragement for mothers

I don’t feel alone like that anymore and God brought us out of that time and into a new community. I’m so grateful for that and I’ll never forget how it felt to be at home alone with my baby just trying to keep us alive. That time of feeling alone has given me compassion for moms who are struggling and is one of the reasons I started this blog and am writing a book.

I’m building my tribe and learning to find my niche in the world as a stay at home mom. If you’re a lonely mom I encourage you to keep looking for what keeps you sane and never give up on finding authentic friendships! Let me know if you’d like to collaborate with me. Working alongside other strong and courageous women is a dream and I’m so excited to see it coming true! Thanks for all your support!

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