The Year of the Woman- The Time to Speak

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The Year of the Woman

2018 is being called “The Year of the Woman”.  Women have courageously challenged gender roles as well as power dynamics. A record number of women ran for government office and were elected.  Women came forward in the #MeToo movement exposing the sexual harassment and assault of men throughout multiple industries.

When it comes to sexual assault and harassment women are still being blamed and shamed for what men have done to them.  I personally heard a female pastor tell a young girl who was drugged and raped that she was “asking for it” and “wanting attention”.  This isn’t new.  It’s just now coming to the surface as a very real problem.

According to the NY Times the number of female CEO’s actually dropped 25% in 2018.  This is due to bias against mothers who work, ambitious women, and with people adjusting to a women as a leader.  There is still sexual harassment in the work place which in most cases is not reported.

Reporting sexual harassment leaves a mark on your record as being difficult to work with.  This means leaving a position with no good reference and finding a new job with another male manager.  There are still glaring inequalities that need to be fixed in our nation but I am seeing the changes happen and I have some hope that my daughter won’t grow up in the same culture that I did.  Read about how and why I fight for my family as a mama bear here.

The courage of Esther

Esther is my favorite Biblical woman because of her courage.  She worked within the system in which she had been placed and showed respect and honor to the king.  Once she had won his favor not only by her beauty but by who she was inwardly, she was able to free her people.  She approached the king with this request even though she could have been killed for it.

The queen before her, Queen Vashti, was made an example for her unwillingness to obey the king.  Esther knew that Queen Vashti was killed simply for being unwilling to be at the king’s beck and call.  Esther knew that she must respect the king but not allow her people to die.

The time to speak

I believe in respecting others but we can’t be silent.  There is a time to be silent and there is a time to speak.  We have gotten to the place in our nation where women are finally able to speak the truth.  After decades of working within a broken system the system is finally changing.  We are part of that change.

This brings me back to the need for prayer.  The Jews were an oppressed people and God raised them up.  Esther was born a Jew in a time when Jews were being persecuted and God raised her up.  When you humble yourself before God, He will raise you up at the right time.  He is doing the same for women.

We have been subjegated and silenced but now God is allowing us freedom and justice.  We were born for such a time as this.  As we go into 2019, I believe that God is doing something amazing with women.   I ask that He gives us the courage and faith to speak up at exactly the right time.

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